The fluid viscous dampers development of application in China of High-rise structure




Abstract: It has been widely recognized at home and abroad that the fluid viscous dampers can resist earthquake and wind to protect the structure for the high-rise and super high-rise building. In nearly a decade, commissioned by design institute at home, we had calculated and analyzed nearly 20 high-rise and super high-rise constructions, including six which have been reviewed by owners and ultra-limit checking, four projects completed, two in the construction, also several buildings that under discussion with the owner, and more than half of the building cannot use damper due to various reasons. But in the process of calculation of damper, we found that there are a lot of innovation or inspiration points, hope to share with you. In the process of the development and application of super high-rise structures, Taylor Company also has a lot of development of the damper which are all introduced in this paper, to provide reference for discussion.