The Function and Economic Effective of Fluid Viscous Dampers to Reduce Seismic and Wind Vibrations in High-rise Buildings

                Yongqi Chen1, Cheng Peng1, Hengli Xue1, Liangzhe Ma1

(1.Beijing Qitai Shock Control and Scientific Development Co. Ltd., Beijing 100037, China)



Abstract:Fluid Viscous Damper (FVD)-as the best high-rise structural protection system play the important role in the rapid expansion of High-Rise building in the world. Seven buildings with FVD include the Silvertie Center and Pangu Plaza, the two buildings in Beijing are reviewed and compared in the aspects of installation, the damper's function and the economic for the reducing of vibration subjected to seismic or wind load. There also include Wuhan Poly Plaza, of which the dampers have a good effect to the reaction of structure torsion, and Tianjin International Trade Center, which is the first building in China to adopt the toggle-brace-damper. The evaluation for these topics are put forward would like discuss with readers.
Keywords: Fluid Viscous Damper; Mega brace; Toggle