Seismic Intensity-reduced design of high-rise building with

dampers in Xinjiang Atushi

Xue Hengli1, Peng Cheng1, Tong Lili1, Xiao Tong2, Chen Yongqi1

1 Beijing Qitai Shock Control and Scientific Development Co.,Ltd,Beijing 100037, China

2 Urumqi Architectural Design Institute, Urumqi 830046, China




   Here we take the optimization design process of FVDs of a 26-layer building in Xinjiang as an example. It shows the effectiveness of FVDs by contract of the structural characteristics like base shear and inter-layer displacement angle of the structure with FVDs to the one without ; and the study demonstrate the feasibility of dampers in participating the design by comparing the story shear of the structure with FVDs under the initial earthquake intensity to the story shear of the structure without FVDs under the reduced-intensity; the comparison of damping ratio also proves the feasibility of dampers' participating in the design. The feasibility offers a new idea for structure on seismic resistance and damping. Also, it reduces cost of the project.


Fluid viscous damper; involve in the design; reduce the earthquake intensity;damping ratio